A Spin on Garbage In Garbage Out

19 Jun

Dismal stories of BP’s oil spill have littered headlines ever since the tragic event occurred on April 20th, 2010. Estimates of over 100,000 barrels leaked per day have caused BP shares to plummet and politicians/environmentalists to rethink offshore drilling and pursue more mindful policies concerning the drilling and safety of oil extraction. Although, news lines may paint a somewhat apocalyptic picture of this event being the first step of the end of the world, I see opportunity. Hopefully others will now release the burden and danger of America’s oil dependency. Maybe, just maybe, top creative minds, such as BP’s engineers, will aim to discover more efficient and affordable forms of alternative energy instead of more ways to tap the world of its ever diminishing reservoirs of oil. Many ideas have been proposed and some quasi-successfully implemented. Wind power, a promising option, still has yet to become widely utilized. Action in this department proves most effective when implemented at the state level. Lets hear a round of applause for Flint, Michigan for their most recent project.

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