21 Mar

Nothing better than passing time in class with a solid youtube video. Youtube videos have become a major phenomenon as of recent. You can stop anybody in the street and they will know about the sneezing panda video, chocolate rain, or David after Dentist. With over 100,000,000 videos and growing at an extremely rapid pace, there are a lot of undiscovered gems out there on this revolutionary website. Here is one my brother sent me recently which is a definite gem. Enjoy.


BET Freestyle (Jadakiss, Juelz Santana, Ace Hood, and Fabolous)

25 Jun

Nothing blows me away in rap more than a solid freestyle. Watching people create flows off the top of their minds to match a beat is a beautiful art form. 106th and Park on BET aims to seek out the best hip-hop performers and put them to the freestyle challenge. This showcase, Jadakiss, Juelz, los, and Ace Hood, is one of great talent. Not to mention this old school type beat lends to all these rappers phenomenal rhythmic flows. To check out this insane freestyle click here.

The Craziest of All

21 Jun

There are a lot of crazy people in this world, but most of these crazies are not totalitarian rulers of entire countries. I can assure you that at least one of them is, and that man is Kim Jong Il. Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il is the most oppressive and restrictive ruler of our time. Very few stories escape or enter the cloistered state that is North Korea. North Korea’s government website is a caliber equivalent to that of a third graders website project. Uninformative, vague, and honestly a bit comical, this website is the least of North Koreas worries with this man in charge. Not convinced?, here are 11 stories about Kim Jong Il that will convince you of his insanity. And if it does not get to your therapist now. 11 Crazy Kim Jong Il Stories.

Eminem-No Love Ft. Lil Wayne

20 Jun

Eminem’s new album Recovery is dropping tomorrow. In my personal opinion this is his best album since The Eminem Show and reminds me of old school Eminem flow. Features from such diverse artists as Rihanna, Pink, and Lil Wayne provide a unique blend that only adds to this phenomenal album. Amazing how Eminem is still topping charts after being in the game for so long. No Love featuring Lil Wayne samples the recognizable “What Is Love?” and intertwines into a simple yet catchy beat. Who better than two of the industries best and most established rappers to top it off with their complimentary flows. This track is great. Enjoy No Love.

Tees, Kicks, and Shades

20 Jun

In this economy looking fly is not as easy as it used to be. Two hundred dollar shoes, hundred dollar jeans, and thirty dollar shirts turns a simple outfit into a significant bank buster. Luckily there are websites such as jackthreads that not only picks the undiscovered fashion for you, and trust me they do it right, but they also find the most ridiculous deals. Whether you’re looking for a fresh pair of kicks (I just got a 35$ pair of brand new hi-top Creative Recs), some dope jackets, or a new pair of shades Jackthreads is the place to look. It is still in beta testing, which means you have to be a member to check out the deals that they have. Lucky for you, I am a member and can invite anyone, so shoot me an e-mail if you want to get in on the best clothing deals on the net without question. Jackthreads.

A Spin on Garbage In Garbage Out

19 Jun

Dismal stories of BP’s oil spill have littered headlines ever since the tragic event occurred on April 20th, 2010. Estimates of over 100,000 barrels leaked per day have caused BP shares to plummet and politicians/environmentalists to rethink offshore drilling and pursue more mindful policies concerning the drilling and safety of oil extraction. Although, news lines may paint a somewhat apocalyptic picture of this event being the first step of the end of the world, I see opportunity. Hopefully others will now release the burden and danger of America’s oil dependency. Maybe, just maybe, top creative minds, such as BP’s engineers, will aim to discover more efficient and affordable forms of alternative energy instead of more ways to tap the world of its ever diminishing reservoirs of oil. Many ideas have been proposed and some quasi-successfully implemented. Wind power, a promising option, still has yet to become widely utilized. Action in this department proves most effective when implemented at the state level. Lets hear a round of applause for Flint, Michigan for their most recent project.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Legacy

19 Jun

Next week marks the 50th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh. Hitchcock’s prototypical work to this day remains one of the most influential movies on the genre of horror. The sinister music coupled with such classic moments as the “shower scene” make this movie one of the most thrilling and scary movies of all time. In honor of Mr. Hitchcock heres a great list of his ten greatest works, my favorite being Vertigo. Enjoy.